Across the partnership we have excellent facilities for Mathematics teaching and it is a very popular subject at GCSE and A-level. All our partnership schools include 6th forms, so there is the opportunity to work with a wide range of ages and ability groups.

Although there is obvious variety in the courses and delivery of the subject between schools, there is an abundance of technology available to enhance the teaching of mathematics at all levels. This includes use of interactive whiteboards, access to computers and laptops, and voting devices.

A variety of teaching methods and use of resources is encouraged across all our schools with the common aim to inspire our young people to develop their mathematical skills and enjoyment of the subject. Pupils are encouraged to develop independent working and reasoning skills as well as build on their existing mathematical knowledge.

As part of our commitment to meet the needs of every individual studying mathematics, there are different courses and programs of study offered. Some examples of courses currently offered in addition to GCSE Maths include GCSE Statistics and the Additional Maths Qualification. At KS5, both Maths and Further Maths A-Levels are offered, and students study elements of Core Maths, Statistics, Mechanics & Decision Maths.

There are also opportunities for pupils to develop their interest in Mathematics beyond their regular lessons. A variety of options are offered across the consortium, which include taking part in the 3M Maths challenge, an inter-schools competition. Many pupils also have the chance to enter the Maths Challenge at various levels, which develops their problem solving skills. A variety of trips enhance pupils enjoyment and awareness of the subject, such as attending the Maths Inspiration Shows. There are also links with engineering clubs and STEM groups for pupils to apply Mathematical knowledge in a context.

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