Physical Education

Physical Education in Bracknell Forest is one of the most popular choices for students.

Our facilities are excellent and boast full size Astros, tennis courts, Netball courts, Fields, Cricket Nets, Sports Halls and a Trampoline Centre.

Students take part in Core PE in Key Stages 3-5 with BTEC, GCSE and A Level options available for Key Stages 4 & 5. The number of students opting to take BTEC or GCSE have continually increased in the past 3 years and results have matched this upward trend.

At KS3 our PE departments offer a variety of topics including: HRE, Rugby, Netball, Badminton, Trampolining, Hockey, Handball, Football, Basketball, OAA, Tennis, Athletics Cricket and Rounders over four lessons per fortnight, with a wide variety of theory and practical learning.

At KS4, BTEC and GCSE are taught and A Level courses at KS5 that provide opportunities to also teach about healthy lifestyles and preparation for exercise, explore contemporary sociological issues in modern sport and finding ways to improve performance through greater understanding of sport psychology and training regimes.

You will be given the opportunity to teach across the key stages and topic areas, giving you a range of teaching experiences and opening up a variety of career paths. There will also be the opportunity to participate in school clubs and inter-school competitions at local to potentially National levels.

If you have a passion for teaching and helping young people develop skills, confidence and leadership and relish the challenge of expanding your experience in all aspects of PE we would love you to come and work with our dedicated and dynamic teams.

Contact us:
The Bracknell Forest Partnership (University of Reading ITE Hub)
Tel: 01344 354005